walking tracks in Tasmania

Alum Cliffs Walking Track

The Alum Cliffs walking track starts from the Tyndall Beach car park at the northern end of Kingston Beach and is clearly sign posted.

From Tyndall Beach the path climbs steeply, via steps, then winds through grassland and bushland before turning again towards the coast and commanding views over Storm Bay and the Derwent Estuary.
The track is clearly visible, but uneven and narrow in places with some exposed root and rock tripping/slipping hazards. There are a couple of rest benches on the route and a sheltered picnic table at the end of the walk.

The return trip is just over 7km – Allow 2 to 2.5 hours return

***Note that there are other higher entrances to this track that avoid the initial steep stair climb, but car parking is limited and local knowledge may be required to find the track.

Alum Cliffs Track